Strengthened plastic tongue

We offer a quality service to everyone who wants to strengthen the waterfront, Lake, pond, canal or river. Making bank protection in various ways, and among them there is a way to strengthen the banks,as the bank stabilization plastic tongue or piles.

A method of shore protection is determined after a thorough examination of the particular situation of our technicians. Shore protection systems plastic tongue is one-piece design,which consists of a single sheet piles held together with longitudinal tongue and groove locks. These piles are mounted vibro methods,zamyva and depression in the ground.

Such a sheet pile wall protects the coast from erosion and water holding back ashore from his repose, and thus firmly and permanently strengthens your pond shore, lake or river.

Groovy strengthen the banks is still very nice. Call and order any strengthening of the coast and our professionals will help your bank protection on the shore to be beautiful and durable!