The strengthening of the gabion

Behold traditional technologies to strengthen coastal zone provide a great opportunity to prevent the process of decay of soil and cocked,in the pond and around it.

Strengthening the coast of gabions enables the waterfront be strong, long and not demolish stand and have a very good view.

Gabiony – it is such a very three-dimensional net structure, is a natural building blocks are made of galvanized mesh filled with natural stone or pebble.

Thanks to these structures, as the gabions – the shore of any water body becomes strong and reliable,the tower which protects against erosion and slumping shores. Gabions and strengthen the banks is not only a great strength and durability of the strengthening, but also a very attractive look of your pond.

We provide quality services to strengthen the shoreline gabions, oak and other methods of bank protection.

Our professionals on bank protection are always happy to help you in setting up your pond, as best as possible and as tightly as possible. Contact us for help, call.