Ukreplenie burr oak

Strengthening the coast oak technologically as follows: Oak beams section from 100 to 200 mm, or logs, long on 2 to 4 m (depending on the operating conditions and technical specifications), processed by special waterproof impregnation, that prevent rot, gidropogruzheniya set by a stockade, zaglublennogo of 2 meters into the ground, and the speaker on the remaining length of the beam (typically up to 2 m). This wooden wall secured extensions of polypropylene or galvanized wire rope slings to the reinforced concrete anchor piles, Located on the banks.

Next, wall from the shore is filled up to the top level of sand or soil. Due to this fact, a clear dividing line with the flat area on the shore. Oak beams shore protection technology is optimal at low water level rise (to 1,5 m), small waves and icing, and as the practice – It can last more than a decade (minimum service life 50 years). Strengthening the coast oak is ideal for natural and ornamental ponds and streams, or inflow of a small passage, because it has a high performance, beautiful appearance and an optimal price-performance ratio.